The Northwest Center for Bioethics was formed after discussions in 1995 raised an awareness of the lack of presence in the Northwest of an ethics center articulating a clear voice in medico-ethical decision making from a Judeo-Christian tradition. In late 1996, physicians, allied health care professionals, attorneys, accountants, clergy, theologians, philosophers, and medical ethicists participated in the formation of the center.

The Center is housed on the first floor of Milliken Hall at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon and is directed by Jerome R. Wernow PH.D., R. Ph. The Northwest Center for Bioethics has participated in Oregon Senate, House, and professional hearings clarifying Oregon's physician-assisted suicide act. Presentations at international and local conferences, formal classroom lectures, and workshops are all part of the rigorous work of the center.


The center operates as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All contributions to the NCB are tax deductible according to federal law and can be sent to the center's department of accounting below.

Funding Address: P.O. Box 14518, Portland, OR 97293

Mission Statement

The Northwest Center for Bioethics is dedicated to promoting the inherent value of human life through guidance in medico-ethical decision making.


We seek to accomplish this mission through research, education, and consultation at three levels: the personal level, the institutional level, and the health care policy level. Work at the institutional level and health care policy level are in service to our primary focus, the person.