This course equips you with the principles, tools for community networking, and biblical approaches to answer real-life medical-ethical dilemmas that will be encountered in ministry, both personally and professionally. Principles and skills are developed as you work through a series of stories that bring you into contact with hospital chaplains, caregivers at cancer infusion centers, hospice chaplains, medical center ethicists, and fertility clinics. Further, the course is contextualized to your community in order to enrich their study and to learn how to develop local resource networks. Ultimately, you will know with greater clarity what it means to be "living and dying in Christ" (Romans 14:8).


  1. Foundations
  2. Contraception
  3. Assisted Reproduction
  4. Termination of Pregnancy
  5. Treating Impaired Babies
  6. Vaccines
  7. Conscientious Objection
  8. End of Life Treatment
  9. Healthcare Allocation
  10. Mind-altering Drugs