Dispensing with Conscience-Legal Reflections©    12/12/2010 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

Dispensing with Conscience-Worldview Conclusions ©   11/30/2007 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

Facing Molech Anew: a god of fertility shows his face again ©    9/09/2010 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

Oregon's Grand Illusion ©    10/09/2010 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

Profits of Death, Structures of Sin, and Communities of Contrast ©    1/2002 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

A Grand Illusion: Oregon’s Attempt to Control Death through Physician-Assisted Suicide ©    3/09/2000 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.


Advanced Directives: On having your end-of-life wishes honored ©    5/09/2011 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

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The Place of Conscience in Healthcare Practice 02/28/11 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

Essentials for Medical Practice in an Ethically and Spritually Pluralistic Environment 02/28/11 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

An Analysis of Nine Years of Physician Assisted Suicide in Oregon 02/28/11 Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.